Collection |
from 11 juin to 31 juillet 2021

Collection is an exhibition about the works of the Saint-Fons art library and the very notion of collection. Interested in the relationship that these works have with the intimate or public sphere, the artist and curator Perrine Lacroix was invited to look at the collection. She then proposed to a group of residents to experiment with the works in their domestic space as well as in the exhibition space.

Since the summer, the CAP art centre in Saint-Fons has been updating and promoting the collection of contemporary artworks in its art library. As part of its 2021 programme, the art centre has invited the artist and curator Perrine Lacroix to imagine an exhibition based on the collection. In turn, the artist invites a group of Saint-Fons residents to choose one or more works from the collection, which she intends to photograph once they are installed in their homes.
Perrine Lacroix is interested in the slippage of works initiated in the intimacy of the studio which, after a passage through the art centre, come to the homes of the inhabitants to establish new relationships.
In a second phase, the group is invited to imagine different hangings of these same works from their (private) homes in the (public) exhibition space of the art centre. Based on these different senarios, the artist proposes an exhibition in which her works are mixed with those of the collection, evoking the numerous potentialities of the art library and its extraordinary gift of ubiquity.
The visitor is invited to physically and mentally follow the trajectory of the works in the collection and the common story it tells through its possibilities and those for whom it exists.