IN-T | Centre d'art contemporain Les églises, Chelles 2009 | 2009

artist-in-residence at the Cressonières, Chelles 2009
At the floor of another building, 55 stays, screwed up between the ground and the ceiling, invade the space. They evoke the fragility of the building and they announce danger.
The collapse of the ceiling is certainly probable and pending, as there are so many stays.
The pressure is dual: the stays maintain the space between the ground and the ceiling, and at the same time they force us to bypass them to move around the room. Mainting this space between the ground and the ceiling is the condition of existence of the space and of our lives.
The perception of the space is disturbed by the evocation of a landscape. The multiple stays compose a plot of forest. Like a maze, the forest goes beyond the limits of our familiar world, it is another world inside a world. The threshold of the forest represent the frontier that we cross (im)prundently.
It is another territory, huge and intimate. The collective unconscious draws it like "a landscape of soul".
It is a center of intimacy as can be a home, a cave or a cathedral. IN-T seems to maintain the strength of the space to avoid a destructive settling.