MON-T | Chelles 2009 | 2009

artist-in-residence at the Cressonnières, Chelles 2009
During the construction work, piles of earth appear and disappear in the estate. As the construction progresses, they evolve and transform the landscape. It is a pile of earth that I put on the floor of the building 10. Between the walls of an empty appartment, the pile of earth invades the space, it crosses the wall and seems to go from one room to the other.
Here, the gesture operates as a displacement where the occasional urban landscape becomes the voluntary evocation of an imaginary landscape with the affirmation of its volume. This pile evokes far-away mountains, like a calm resistance of the memories and the lives, waiting to disappear when the building will be destroyed. 

There is an idea of premonition, the announcement of a time to come, that of demolition, that of disappearance. This pile of earth is a sign.