GOOGLE search |
du 16 novembre 2017 au 08 février 2018

exposition jusqu'au 8 janvier 2018
Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery and Inveresk Precinct
Launceston, Tasmania

artist in residence
partenariat entre l'Université de Tasmanie
Embassade de France en Australie
with the support of the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery 
In my research I have found that the First Tasmanian Aborigines were divided into nine ethnic groups each with all their stories, culture and myths. I compare this to the situation now, where we have a common GOOGLE ‘story’, because all of the world uses the same database.

'Google search' is a crossfade between First Tasmanian tools and second Tasmanian tools.

This work speaks about the past colliding with now, indigenous vs non indigenous differences, and the contrasting relationships to tools.
It also raises questions about power, power tools, machine power and white man’s dubious power.

When we resarch on the internet, just before the apparition of the pictures, this checkerboard of colours arise very stealthily,
almost subliminally.
Also the images are more and more abstract and our story impalpable.